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Soccer has been called the "simple game." Perhaps it is, once you've learned the fundamental skills of ball control and the options a player has within the basic "numbers up" situations, such as 2 on 1's, and 3 on 2's.
However, we, at the WCSS, know that a player must have the desire to improve and the ambition to work on his/her skills to get to the point where the game begins to appear simple.
The modern game is a fast paced, physically, technically, tactically and psychologically demanding sport.
It may seem anything but simple when up against a superior opponent.
We want to help our players be on the side of superiority more often than not!

2 v 2 Ball to Space
Just one in a series of basic tactical situations exploring the possibilities of the "smaller game" within the larger full-sided contest.



3 v 1, "Yellow" must first win the ball, then open up
"Numbers up" creates multiple options...if all the players on your team understand how to create them!


Going to Goal !


The most exciting aspect of the game requires the player going to goal to maintain a "cool head," and the ability to see what's happening elsewhere on the field, even as the time and space he/she has to shoot or pass is being closed down.

Western Connecticut School of Soccer