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Western Connecticut School of Soccer
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Welcome to our web site!

The Western Connecticut School of Soccer is a collaborative effort of soccer coaching professionals who share a passion for the game. We aim to bring an insightful and knowledgeable approach to all our training sessions, whether the team is a "first-time-out-there" U-6 or a premier level U-19, from individual training to
team sport-specific conditioning.

There are many soccer trainers and training groups out there offering just as many methods of training. Clubs, teams, parents and players, when  looking for a cohesive approach in developing soccer skills and abilities, are also looking for a professional level of preparation and care. The WCSS staff is dedicated to providing a unique blend of proven international methods designed to encourage individual growth and development (for players of all ages), as well as team tactical awareness and the latest strength & conditioning programs for the more mature player. 

The methods employed include the famed Weil Coerver (Dutch) approach to individual skills, as well as the KNVB favored small-sided games format. Futsal skills, derived from Futebol de Salao (Brasil), are also used as part of the core individual training program. Multi-player drills used by the US Women's and Men's national teams, the Italian national team, the Sporting Lisbon, Liverpool and Newcastle United youth academies and USSF and NSCAA progressions are just some of the sources we use in our practice planning.
Strength & Conditioning programs have been scientifically researched and approved by organizations such as the NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association), Peak Performance and the American College of Sports Medicine. We are a fully insured, CPR certified and licensed group.

  • Camper practicing the inside of the foot chop-cut:

The basic move.
Campers are taught a progressive sequence of skills.

We aim to help each player develop a repertoire of skills that they will become ultimately confident with to use during matches.
Please contact us with any questions about our programs and join our mailing list for times and dates of our annual camps!

You can reach us at:

WCSS* 7 Clearbrook Road* Danbury, CT * US * 06811
(203) 837-8609  /  (203) 837-9020